2024 School Calendar In Kenya

2024 School Calendar In Kenya. 2024 is the first year for school to be back to the normal school calendar in Kenya after covid interference. 2021, 2022 and 2023 has seen the terms being short but now 2024 will see terms being back to normal. The Ministry of Education released the 2024 schools academic calendar for pre-primary, primary, secondary schools and teachers training colleges.

2024 School Calendar In Kenya

Opening DatesClosing DatesDuration
TERM I8th January5th April13 Weeks
Half Term29th February3rd March3 Days
Holiday (Apr)8th April26th April3 Weeks
TERM II29th April2nd August14 Weeks
Half Term20th June23rd June3 Days
Holiday (Aug)5th August23rd August3 Weeks
TERM III26th August25th October9 Weeks
KPSEA & KILEA28th October31st October4 Days
KCSE4th November22nd November3 Weeks
Holiday (Nov+Dec)28th October3rd January 202510 Weeks
2024 School Calendar In Kenya

First Term Academic Dates 2024 

The ministry said in 2024 term one will open on January 8, 2024 and close on April 5, 2024, for 13 weeks. The academic year begins with the first term on January 8, 2024, for pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools, and concludes on April 5, 2024, encompassing a 13-week learning period.

Schools will then proceed for half term on February 29 to March 3 for 3 days.

There’s also a three-day half-term break from February 29 to March 3, followed by a three-week holiday from April 8-26.

2024 School Calendar In Kenya

Term Two academic Dates 2024

Moving on to the second term, it spans 14 weeks, starting on April 29 and ending on August 2, with a half-term break from June 20-23. After this, students enjoy a three-week holiday from August 5-25.

Term Three academic dates 2024

The final term of the academic year runs for 9 weeks, from August 26 to October 25, facilitating the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) and Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment (KILEA) exams from October 28-31.

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams are then scheduled from November 4-22, followed by the long December holiday from October 28 to January 3, 2025.

2024 school calendar.

Training Colleges Terms dates 2024

For teachers’ training colleges, term one begins from January 8 to April 5, with holidays from April 8-26. Term two runs from April 29 to August 2, featuring holidays from August 5-30.

The final term for teachers’ training colleges spans 11 weeks, running from August 26 to November 8.

December holiday will start from November 11 2024 to January 3, 2025, which is eight weeks.

2024 School Calendar In Kenya, 2024 School Calendar In Kenya, 2024 School Calendar In Kenya

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